Wedding, Memorial or celebration preservations

Transform your wedding bouquet from stunning to phenomenal, the flowers from a loved ones service into a modern timeless keepsake with one of our preservation options. 


Our most popular product when Floral Suspensions first started out and still very much in demand to this day! An initial is such a personal way of preserving your flowers. 

Bouquet blocks and other shapes

Modernise your wedding or anniversary bouquet preservation by choosing one of our blocks or shapes.


What you need to know when ordering from Floral Suspensions

Customers are responsible for: 

 Shipping their flowers to Floral Suspensions in the shortest time period after their event. 

Ensuring that flowers are packaged well so  that they are received in the best possible condition  for us to work with.  In the event that some flowers are damaged and bruised, Floral Suspensions can source replacement flowers at an extra charge of £40.00. A reputable florist will be used. Size and colour may vary as a result. 

Floral Suspensions is NOT responsible for:

How your flowers survive the drying process. In some cases flowers are poor responders and due to the age of the flower, bruising or any damage that may have occurred during shipping, results may not be perfect. You will be informed and can opt to use our replacement service. Though this is rare as every effort is made to ensure your flowers preserve beautifully however their journey before reaching FS is unknown and any issues may only surface or reveal themselves after the drying process. 

We do not return any flowers to you should there be any unused. All flowers are dried with the intention to complete your design.

Your order will be sent to you recorded special delivery and you will be provided with a tracking number. 

FS is not responsible for lost or damaged parcels.

Turn around time varies depending on what you order. Please see details under item descriptions for time frames. 

Delays may occur and we will keep you informed along the way. 

To the best of our ability yes but we are not responsible for possible bubbles or microbubbles that can and do happen when we are asleep at night and not baby sitting your order 😉 

This will not be accepted as a reason for any discount or refund.

Full payment is taken upfront on all orders under £500. For orders over £500 a 50% deposit is required.

Free cancellations are accepted within 24hours of placing your order.  Thereafter 50% of your overall order total will be refunded to you only. 

FS is not liable for the loss or damage to your flowers whilst in our possession due to events out of our control such as floods, storms, fire, loss of electricity or any even out of our control. 

We are liable for the total amount of the money you paid for your order in such events. No further compensation will be paid to you.